Our Platform

Latitude Advisors, LLC has developed an investment advisory fee platform for its advisors and clients.  All assets are held in custody by Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services, one of the most renowned financial institutions in the world.

Latitude Advisors, LLC Managed Account Solutions (MAS) was designed to offer solutions for clients in all stages of the investment process.   We offer a more traditional asset allocation approach with a tactical overly as well as a truly dynamic tactical management style.


This dynamic asset allocation process, like a "traditional" asset allocation strategy, seeks to reduce risk through diversification among different investment categories.  By using dynamic asset allocation, however, the computer model selects or weights investments based upon those categories or asset types with the greatest potential for superior returns, given current market conditions.  The allocation of assets becomes dynamic - changing in response to market conditions and perceived opportunities for profit.  This process has shown to produce better results over time, with a reduction in risk when compared to traditional asset allocation.

We know this cannot guarantee success, but feel that a strategy that has the potential of limiting risk in a down market will compliment a client's overall investment strategy.

Our Navigator Series has (3) model offerings:  Total Return, Growth and Sector.


Our asset allocation models are based upon modern portfolio theory seeking to reduce risk through diversification among different investment categories.  This is a more traditional approach to investing in which a percentage of your money is allocated amongst different investment categories.  We primarily look for value companies that we feel are trading below their market value and we achieve our returns when they move towards their true value.   These portfolios have the ability to overweight or underweight within each investment category.

Our Latitude Series has numerous model offerings:  Fixed Income, Income, Balanced, Total Return, Growth and Aggressive Growth.

We also have research models that are signaled by Fidelity, BlackRock, JP Morgan and American Funds.